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Qualitative evaluation of the Survivor Moms' Companion curriculum has garnered a variety of reasons for satisfaction with the SMC.


Pregnancy and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

An interview with Julia Seng, CNM, Ph.D., FAAN

Here's what moms are saying

  • It helped me out knowing I wasn’t the only one out there, that I wasn’t alone. You just don’t want to talk about it [otherwise].
  • [The tutor] was awesome.
  • I never found it to be too stressful or upsetting. Definitely better than having no programs. [It] opened up doors that made me realize I needed to get help. Big emotional things. I thought I was okay—but I needed to open up the doors . . . [It] relieves a lot of stress.
  • Phone is best because [it is] somewhat removed, can share more, a group might be interesting.
  • I really liked reading the modules . . . Talking the stories over with tutor . . .
  • I liked it because it helped a lot [with] emotions during pregnancy. I’m glad I said yes to the program.
  • It really made me think about my experience. Sometimes I had to put the book down. If people want to deal with it, it is really good.
  • It’s been very helpful to me because now I understand what posttraumatic stress is and why I worry about stuff that has happened to me and [why] it might bother me a lot to have the doctor have to go down there. That helped me a lot to know that’s not just me; that it’s other women too.
  • It brought up memories I thought would upset me, but didn’t as much as I thought they would.
  • It gave me more ideas about dealing with certain situations. It was a very good experience.
  • It helped me learn more about what was going on, like the posttraumatic stress and everything.
  • I enjoyed the vocabulary. It allowed me to talk to different people about it. It allowed me to feel safe giving birth.
  • It was good how you had a short version and a long version.
  • It was a really great experience. I learned a lot about myself, that I have trust issues. Some of those things are PTSD-related. I didn’t test positive [for PTSD], but I was close.
  • The SMC was helpful, phone meetings were really great for [discussing] the birth experience and being open. I was able to have good conversation with the nurses.
  • This was the most helpful thing I did during pregnancy. It made a big difference, particularly the vignettes—a bigger difference than I expected.
  • It was set up well, letting me pick my own time to talk and everything.