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  • Becoming a Tutor
    The Survivor Moms’ Companion meets the needs of agencies seeking to provide for pregnant women and new moms the highest standards of trauma-informed care, as specified by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This groundbreaking program is offered only through an end-user license.

    Because the SMC is an educational program, we refer to the individual one-to-one service providers as "tutors." Before signing the commitments below, please note the following:
    • SMC Tutors work with survivor moms who are learning about how past trauma can affect pregnancy and parenting.
    • Trauma heals in relationship, so the tutoring role is central.
    Tutor Commitment
    As a tutor delivering the SMC intervention, I confirm that:
    1. I am a licensed professional (nurse, social worker, psychologist, midwife, physician) and have completed the SMC tutor training.
    I am a certified or trained paraprofessional (doula, health educator, community outreach worker, or other experienced staff) and have completed the SMC tutor training.
    2. I understand that my Tutor role includes:
    • Working with survivor moms who are learning about how past trauma can affect pregnancy and parenting
    • Developing a supportive relationship with the moms I tutor, since the tutoring role is central to survivors’ healing
    • Working in person or by telephone to deliver the three core parts of psychoeducation: new information, skills practice, and emotional support
    • Completing pre-learnings, attending a multi-day tutor-training workshop, tutoring a first mom with supervision via case study documentation (on the form provided) and by providing mirror image fidelity checklists (client and tutor) for all sessions in that case, and then using clinical supervision as needed for challenges that arise
    • The SMC is fully manualized; workbooks, fidelity guides, assessment and charting tools, and checklists help clients stay on track
    I commit to the following program requirements:
    3. I will work with my supervisor(s) to ensure I am providing high quality SMC tutoring, and I will take part in additional training or clinical supervision, if recommended.
    4. I have and can use the referral resources needed to provide trauma-informed care.
    5. I will only provide SMC materials to clients who have agreed to engage in tutoring.
    6. I will complete the assessments and client folio notes. For privacy reasons, I will use an ID number to match forms with clients and store each client’s name in a secure place as instructed by the supervisor.
    7. I understand that fidelity to the manual is the best predictor of effectiveness for manualized behavioral programs like the SMC (Bellg AJ et al., 2004; Moore GF et al., 2015), so I will:
    • Use the “Each and Every Time” fidelity guide and a fidelity checklist
    • Use the SMC tools provided for assessment, monitoring, and referral tracking
    • Make use of clinical supervision for challenging or unique cases
    • Strive for a high-quality tutor-client relationship because helping clients feel supported while they are learning skills is an essential intervention component
    • Accept additional help via further training or clinical supervision, if needed
    8. I understand that, at the time of license renewal at the end of each year, I will provide my supervisor at least one case study (on the form provided) documenting my knowledge of SMC’s use. I also will provide one pair of mirror image fidelity checklists (client and tutor) from a session in that case. The supervisor will recommend for or against re-certification or based on the quality and safety of my tutoring.
    9. I understand that my supervisor will periodically read my case notes to verify that I monitor safety and and make appropriate referrals.
    10. I am aware that my supervisor and I can contact the SMC program staff to get information, technical assistance, or consultation as part of the agency license agreement.
    11. I am aware that the SMC that tutoring and supervision occurs only in the setting of an agency or organization holding an end-user license agreement and that that the SMC curriculum and materials may not be used outside this context or at variance from the license agreement except by express written permission.

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