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Tutor Registration

  • Tutor Commitments

    As a tutor delivering the SMC intervention, I commit to the following statements.
    • I am a licensed health professional and have completed the SMC tutor training.
    • I engage in clinical supervision, fidelity auditing, and training remediation and updates.
    • I have and can use the referral resources needed to provide trauma-informed care.
    • I do not provide materials to any client who is not agreeing to engage in tutoring.
    • I complete the on-line data entry in a timely manner, including
    1. creating an account for every mom I provide materials to,
    2. entering initial assessment data,
    3. entering interim assessment, final assessment, and case closure documentation,
    4. including case closure documentation for moms who decline after the case was opened or who stop using the SMC prior to completing it.

    I understand that fidelity to the manual is the best predictor of beneficial outcomes for manualized behavioral programs like the SMC (Bellg AJ et al., 2004; Moore GF et al., 2015), so I will
    1. use the process guide and fidelity checklist,
    2. discuss/assess learning outcomes and clinical outcomes of women I tutor,
    3. make use of clinical supervision for challenging or unique cases,
    4. aim for a high level of performance in terms of fidelity, high quality relationship and engagement by the mom, and appropriate referral, and safety; and
    5. accept remediation via further training or additional supervision if needed.

    I will seek re-certification annually via providing two written case studies, completing the current year’s training updates, and requesting a letter from my supervisor stating an assessment of the quality and safety of my tutoring.
    I am aware that my supervisor and I can contact the SMC program staff (using website contact information) to get information, trouble-shooting, or consultation as part of the agency license agreement.
    I am aware that the SMC is a licensed program, meaning that tutoring and clinical/fidelity supervision occurs in the setting of an agency or organization holding an end-user license agreement with the Sidran Traumatic Stress Institute and that the SMC curricula may not be used outside this context or at variance from the license agreement except by express written permission.
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