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Supervisor Registration

  • Supervisor Commitments

    As a supervisor facilitating delivery of the SMC intervention, I commit to the following statements.
    • I select, train, and supervise only tutors who are licensed nurses and social workers (or psychologist, certified health educator, midwife, physician), and I have verified with my state’s registry that the tutor is duly licensed and in good standing.

    I use the SMC documents to guide supervision including
    1. following the tutor selection interview guide,
    2. verifying completion of the training syllabus study guide,
    3. verifying attendance at the training,
    4. discussing a training case-in-progress prior to allowing a tutor to begin use of the SMC,
    5. and I am satisfied that the tutor is prepared to deliver the SMC safely.
    I understand that fidelity to the manual is the best predictor of beneficial outcomes for manualized behavioral programs like the SMC (Bellg AJ et al., 2004; Moore GF et al., 2015), so I audit sessions from the tutor’s side of the conversation (at least one session per client during Year 1) and remediate training for tutors as needed so that performance is
    1. true to the curriculum (>80% fidelity to the session checklists),
    2. of high quality in terms of the tutor-mom relationship (respect and rapport, attaining active participation from the mom), and
    3. safe, with appropriate case-finding and referral.
    I remain available for clinical supervision of complex cases, and I remediate tutors with any performance problems.

    I maintain the agency’s list of referral resources appropriate for delivering trauma-informed care (i.e., for intimate partner violence, substance abuse, mental health specialist care, and child welfare involvement).

    I submit re-certification request letters only for tutors who
    1. meet the above performance criteria,
    2. have completed two high-quality case reports, and
    3. have completed the current re-certification training.
    I am aware that I can contact the SMC program staff (using website contact information) to get information, trouble-shooting, or consultation as part of the agency license agreement.

    I am aware that the SMC is a licensed program, meaning that tutoring occurs in the setting of an agency or organization holding an end-user license agreement with the Sidran Traumatic Stress Institute and that the SMC curricula may not be used outside this context or at variance from the license agreement except by express written permission.
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