Becoming an SMC Tutor


The Survivor Moms’ Companion meets the needs of agencies seeking to provide for pregnant women and new moms the highest standards of trauma-informed care, as specified by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This groundbreaking program is offered only through an end-user license from Sidran Traumatic Stress Institute.

Because the SMC is an educational program, we refer to the individual one-to-one service providers as "tutors."

  • SMC tutors work with survivor moms who are learning about how past trauma can affect pregnancy and parenting.
  • Trauma heals in relationship, so the tutoring role is central.
  • Tutors work by telephone or in person to deliver the three core parts of psychoeducation: new information, skills practice, and emotional support.
  • Tutors receive training and clinical supervision as they start out in the role.
  • Nurses, social workers, and other health or mental health service providers can become tutors.
  • Training involves pre-training readings (20 hours), attending a workshop (six hours), tutoring a first mom with supervision, and then using clinical supervision as needed for challenges that arise.
  • The SMC is fully manualized, so there are session guides and charting tools to use, and checklists to help stay on track. Online intake and discharge forms show client progress.