Becoming an Agency


Why the SMC may enhance your work:

The program is:
A state-of-the-science intervention

  • Designed by midwives for maternity care
  • Delivered by perinatal nurses, social workers, case managers and family support workers, as well as frontline service providers and educators
  • Valued by participants, enhancing satisfaction with care

A practical response to a long-recognized need

  • Provided at no cost to the woman—her materials are free
  • Easily integrated into regular maternity care or home-visit protocols
  • Fully manualized; includes electronic charting as well as tutor training and supervision materials

An efficient way of coordinating maternal and trauma-informed care

  • Includes in-service materials that help staff become trauma-informed
  • Features an effective way to screen for trauma disclosures
  • Functions as an ideal adjunct for women using mental health, addiction, domestic violence and parenting services
  • Presented in a format that’s efficient for staff and convenient for the woman

How the SMC may enhance your work:

The SMC helps agencies provide the highest standards of trauma-informed care for pregnant women, as specified by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).
These standards include:

  • Delivering services in a setting where the needs of trauma survivors are explored and ultimately understood
  • Cultivating referrals to the specific trauma-related services survivor moms might need, including:
    • Intimate partner violence, substance use, child welfare and mental health treatment providers

What participating in the SMC involves:

  • Designating a clinical supervisor who serves as liaison between the tutors and the Survivor Moms’ Companion program leadership and provides ongoing guidance for tutors
  • Funding an end-user license agreement for two years from the Sidran Traumatic Stress Institute and renewing after that

PLEASE NOTE: SMC tutoring may be reimbursable by third-party payers.