Becoming a Solo Provider


Licensed professionals in private practice can now become SMC Providers. You commit to the same license elements as an agency, but you do all the roles yourself:

  • The Survivor Moms’ Companion meets the needs of licensed private practice professionals seeking to provide the highest standards of trauma-specific psychoeduction for childbearing people. This groundbreaking program is offered only through an end-user license from Growing Forward Together.
  • Success with the SMC depends on excellent fidelity to the model. So you must be willing to provide the program as designed, as education rather than or in addition to psychotherapy.

These are elements of the license agreement specific to solo providers of SMC:

  • You complete the tutor training and supervisor orientation meeting and do a training case ahead of starting to enroll clients. The training costs are the only initial expenditure.
  • At the end of your first year, you submit renewal paperwork and pay a review fee to renew the license. There is a checklist to guide you. It involves completing a case study and providing fidelity checklists, with self-evaluation.
  • You must agree to deliver the SMC with a high level of fidelity.
  • You must agree not to provide the workbook or access to its pdf version to any client unless they agree to engage in the tutoring relationship with you.
  • Before beginning, you must submit to us a list of local referral resources you have available to you (using our template).
  • You should use the 1.5-hour in-service slide deck we provide if there are others you work with who should know about Trauma-informed Care and the SMC (e.g., maternity teams you take referrals from, psychiatrists you refer to, childbirth educators).
  • You will be able to call for technical assistance from us as part of your license.

For more information on supervisor responsibilities, please click/tap on the "Register as a Solo Provider" button below.